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Date added: 09/01/2020 Futaba 7PXR

Happy New Year everyone we have just received the new 7PXR the new flagship model for cars see the link for further information



Date added: 19/11/2019 AeroFlight

We have been very busy getting the New Gemini Mark 3 together and it is shipping now all over the country. Rubber powered Spitfires are back in stock.

More good new is that the control line Spitfire with Aussie markings is almost finished as well. I expect we will ship this on Monday the 25th of November. Hustlers and Brolgas are back in stock! http://www.rcwholesale.com.au/aeroflight-models-aust-spitfire-control-line.html

Date added: 09/09/2016 Futaba 4PV

The new 4PV has arrived the succesor to the 4 PLS it includes 2 x 314SB Telemetry receivers 40 model memory, 10 Character model name,Backlight LCD,4wsmixing & Gyro mixing, Dual esc mixing,2 position steering angle and 3millisecond frame rate


Date added: 10/06/2016 Futaba R7006SB

We have received the new Futaba R7006SB receiver.It has 6 conventional channels it can be used on either FASST or FASSTest radios.As well it is Sbus and very well priced Weight is only 8.5 Grams approx. Here is the link


Date added: 13/05/2016 Futaba 3PV

We are really delited to introduce the new Futaba 3PV. We have just received this great 3Channel New car radio. 10 Model memory with expo on steering and throttle. It has receiver battery telemetry and come with the 314 receiver The same receiver that is issued with the 4PX.


Date added: 18/12/2015 30% off select Bmaxx parts in checkout

30% off select Bmaxx parts in checkout


Discount given in Checkout when order is placed through RC Wholesales website.

Only Applies to instock items.

Date added: 18/09/2015 Futaba Servo section is having a make over

There is some time and effort going into making your life easier searching through the servo pages.

You will notice that the servo catogeries have been expanded to car, heli and air being included

Click HERE to check it out

Date added: 16/09/2015 6K is now in stock

The exciting new budget radio by Futaba, has had it's first shipment arrive.

This new radio is feature packed and even has Telemetry for the people that want to know everything.

Click here to check out the full feature list (Available in mode 1&2)

Date added: 15/09/2015 New Car Servos

Along with the quality servos on offer, in recent months there has been new car servos offered

please click HERE to check car servos out

Date added: 28/08/2015 FUTABA 18SZ

We have placed our order for the first shipment of the new 18SZ make sure you are on the list for this new release expeced in late September expected price depending on the exchange rate is indicated on our site.Product details to follow!

Date added: 25/08/2015 New Futaba Servo BLS371SV

This is a HV servo and in stock


This new servo replaces BLS351

Date added: 18/06/2015 Q World Specials

Select Q World products are currently on special while stocks last.

Check out the specials page to see whats available.