Fire at RC Wholesale Australia

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As most of you are aware, There was a Fire at our business on Wednesday the 4th of the March. It started at about 9.30 AM when we had customers in the store as well. and quickly spread to something totally out of control. No one was hurt thank god I suffered some minor smoke inhalation because I went back into the fire to retrieve a drum containing Nitro so as it would not injure the Firemen.

As a result of the Fire we have lost all of our Futaba radio stock, RPM, 98% of everything Aeroflyte and who knows what else.

Forensics have also cleared us of any wrong doing and the fire brigade praised us on how well our building was laid out. This message goes out to those that were spreading Rumours about us at Toy Fair about the fire being deliberately lit!

We are currently locked out of our Building which is under control by the council! We can receive orders but cannot process anything.

I am happy to take calls and offer product support as always and do the best that I can. But my resources are limited.

I am also deeply deeply devastated by this catastrophe! This business has been a huge amount of work especially getting AeroFlight back to life and some Australian Manufacturing going by some very dedicated volunteers! The contributions by the guys behind the scenes are massive! Not to mention the enormous cost involved!

We as I can speak for all involved are very grateful for all of the support we have received!!

This is the first time today that I have been able to access our system and get a message out to you!

Thank you very much for your support!

Yours sincerely Brian Simpson , My Sister Michelle , Adam Flockhart and Aeroflight Crew ,Greg , Tony, Des, Ted ,Bruce, Neil ,Ross, Jim, Bruno, Kim, Michael, and many more and to all of you that have donated models for which are unfortunately gone!

It is a very sad time...


Hope you guys get back on your feet soon...wishing you best in this difficult times
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